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A roof leak is every homeowner’s nightmare. It can do extensive damage in a matter of minutes, it’s a direct threat to the very structure of your house, and you can seldom fix it yourself. If you’ve got water dripping for your ceiling right now, do not hesitate to call a roofing professional immediately. Once you’ve done that, however, I’ve got Emergency Roof Repair - The Best Contactors For ... Youngtown AZ 85363 a few DIY tips to share with you for dealing with the problem and hopefully minimizing the impact.

This might sound crazy, but first and foremost you’re going to have to drill a hole in your ceiling. This is because you need to give the water the easiest path out of your attic and into a bucket, otherwise it will continue to Youngtown AZ 85363 pool up where you can’t see it and do serious damage to the stability of your roof and ceiling. If you’ve got one leak going, put a hole right there or you’re probably going to have several more in a few minutes.

Next up, let’s minimize the damage to your actual living space. Run a long piece of string from the hole Emergency Roof Repair - The Best Contactors For ... Youngtown AZ 85363 you’ve drilled down into a bucket. The string will allow the water to travel out of your ceiling without splashing all over your tables, your carpet and, well, you. Now that you’ve got that dealt with, it’s time for some detective work before your roofing professional shows up.

If you can get into your attic, do so now, and bring a flashlight. Youngtown AZ 85363 If there’s any silver lining to this situation, it’s that the source of your leak will probably not be hard to find. Odds are very good that the actual source of the problem will be further up the roof than the small swimming pool that’s forming in your ceiling.

If you’re not finding it immediately, start taking a closer look. Search along Youngtown AZ 85363 the many points where water is more likely to find an entrance: anywhere beams meet, damaged shingles and insulation, the flashing around the edge of your chimney, or any seams in your roof itself.

Finally, a word about roof leak safety: make sure you’ve got stable footing at all times in your attic. You’ve already got a small stream coming through your Youngtown AZ 85363 ceiling, the last thing it needs is your left foot joining the party. Most of all, never climb around on top of your roof when it’s raining or snowing. Remember, when in doubt, wait for a professional!

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